Robin is the daughter of Quinn Perkins and Charlie.


Robin is the baby girl of Quinn Perkins and Charlie. Quinn Perkins was kidnapped by Rowan while in the last month of her pregnancy. Rowan took her and locked her inside of his house basement in order to make Olivia trade his own freedom, for her pregnant friends life. But Olivia ended up not caring for what happened to her friend and Rowan pretend he killed Quinn, but instead he decided to protect Quinn and unborn Robin from his own daughter.

When everyone thought both Robin and Quinn were dead, Quinn goes into labor inside Eli Pope's kitchen. She says they need to go to the hospital but Eli refuses to take her and instead he sticks a needle in her neck and she passes out. Rowan asked Marvin Heward to deliver Quinn's beautiful and healthy baby girl. After Robin was successfully delivered Rowan killed Marve in the basement by shooting him in the head; Quinn went down to the basement and helped with the clean up.

Eli puts them both in Olivia's old room and when she wakes up, she realizes that Eli has setup the room to be a new baby room. He tells her they can't leave yet because Olivia will find them, but that they are safe here.


  • Quinn and Eli sang and danced to Britney Spears' song '...Baby One More Time' to calm her and it made her stop crying.
  • She is named after the nickname that Charlie calls Quinn. Charlie nicknamed Quinn as Robin from Batman and Robin.


Scandal 7x10 Rowan and Quinn Sing to the Baby

Scandal 7x10 Rowan and Quinn Sing to the Baby


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