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Any Questions? is the twenty first episode in the second season of Scandal, and the twenty-eighth overall.


Cyrus is on damage control after Mellie's shocking live interview with James where she revealed that her husband is a lying cheating bastard. Olivia panics when she learns that whoever the mole is knows about "Defiance", and David finally learns the truth about the Cytron card.

Meanwhile, Mellie calls in her own fixer who probes her to find out who the mistress is, but she won't give up her only bargaining chip. Fitz reveals to Cyrus that he will not be seeking a second term. Jake meets up with the Mysterious Man, to show him he’s discovered the man who's on to him... Charlie (who Jake is well aware of works with Cyrus). Cyrus gives James some information that shocks him and hurts him at the same time. Charlie gives up the name of the mole. Huck has to make a tough decision. The mole - aka Albatross - is revealed as well as who they've been working with.

Olivia is betrayed by someone close to her and someone from the past returns to shake things up.


Olivia Pope & Associates:
  • The team continues to track down Charlie as well as trying to figure out who the mole is; they believe it's Sally Langston
  • Harrison tries to be Olivia's fixer based off of what he knows; but she turns him down.
  • Charlie wants to hire OPA; to keep him safe. They'll keep him safe as long as he gives up the name of the mole.
White House:
  • Cyrus deals with damage control after Mellie's stunning live interview; revealing her husband is unfaithful
  • Cyrus & Fitz work with the strategic team to work on Fitz's response speech
Mysterious Man's Mission:
  • He tasks Jake to bring him the recorded proof of Jake and Olivia as well as to bring in Charlie
  • The Mysterious Man plans on handling of Cyrus himself


Cyrus dodges all press questions about the First Lady's accusation that the president had an extramarital affair. He pressures Secret Service Agent Tom into letting him into Olivia's apartment where he screams at Fitz to get out of her bed. It's time to deal with some consequences. Olivia is ready to fix things, but Fitz orders her to stand down. Liv heads back to the office to learn that Cyrus isn't the mole. She checks her wall safe to make sure the electronic Cytron card with proof of the election rigging in Defiance, Ohio is still there. It is. David sees this. He now knows for certain that Abby stole it from him while they were together.

Fitz plans to make a statement to the press. He will be telling the American people that he will not be seeking a second term. He wants to be with Olivia. If that means not being president, then so be it. Cyrus is not willing to accept this. He continues to deflect questions from the press. This includes queries from James, who defends his interview the First Lady as the moment that was his lucky break. Cyrus sets the record straight on that one. He says the only reason James got his job and that interview is because Mellie orchestrated it. James is devastated by his husband’s venomous outburst.

Jake's boss - the Mysterious Man - wants video proof of his relationship with Olivia. He orders Jake to bring in Charlie and promises to handle Cyrus himself. Speaking of Cyrus, he tries to convince Olivia to convince Fitz to change his mind. After their meeting is over, Jake's boss approaches Cy. The guy knows about the president and Olivia. He also reveals that Charlie is actually one of his. He wants Cyrus to use the video of Jake and Olivia, but Jake's boss knows Cy's afraid to be the messenger who delivers it to Fitz. A not-so-subtle threat is made. Cyrus is ordered to terminate all contact with Charlie.

Charlie picks up his normal order of pastries but realizes something is amiss when his regular lady is out with the flu. There's tracking material on the pastry bag that has transferred to his hands. Charlie brushes against multiple pedestrians on the street to attach the tracking agent to them, too. His plan works. Jake and his team lose their target. Charlie calls Cyrus to let him know that he's been made. He wants to come into the White House. That's not going to happen. Cyrus lets him know that he dialed a wrong number and is to never call him again. In other news, Jake gives his boss a DVD of him being intimate with Olivia.

Harrison wants to know what Olivia's endgame is as a storm is headed her way. He needs to know what she wants. Olivia believes Sally Langston could be the mole. She needs her team to prove it. They hack into Sally's computer network by getting her daughter to open a Trojan horse email. David has experience dealing with kids, so he helps devise a way to get the kid open the infected attachment. He's part of the team now. They quickly learn that Sally is not the mole. Olivia orders everyone to take a break. David stays behind to watch Cyrus squirm on TV. When the team returns, they find David is not alone. Charlie is pointing a gun at his head.

Charlie sets down his gun (actually "guns") on the desk saying he's come in peace. He wants to hire Olivia and her team. He wants a life where he won't be looking over his shoulder every day. He thinks Olivia made some kind of deal with B613 to save Huck. There was no deal (or so she episode 402 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner for more info). Huck vows to get them the name of the mole his way. He tells Charlie he'll kill him quickly if he gives him what he wants. The name of the mole is written on a piece of paper. Huck is ready to shoot Charlie, but Quinn arrives just before he pulls the trigger. She convinces him to spare Charlie's life.

Mellie hires her own fixer to help handle her end of the war. She hasn't yet publically named the person sleeping with her husband because only a fool would show all her cards at once. Mellie wants a copy of the speech Fitz is writing. Fitz shows Cyrus the handwritten draft of the aforementioned speech. Amazingly, Cy isn't upset. The two friends actually share a laugh. Mellie's fixer shows her the speech. She can't believe Fitz would throw away his presidency. The fixer realizes that the reason Mellie isn't naming names because she still believes there's a chance her husband will come back to her.

Fitz never signed his statement of candidacy papers for the next election. Olivia believes the reason is because he doesn't believe he deserves to be president because of Defiance. Fitz believes he doesn't have what it takes to be a legitimate president. Olivia says they stole his chance to win on his own. She wants him to take that chance back. She wants him to run again. She wants him to run and win. When the president addresses the press, he ditches his original speech. He announces to the American people that he will seek a second term as their president. Oh, and his marriage is none of their business. (Well said Fitz!)

Olivia gives Harrison two folders. The brown one has a list of everyone who owes them a favor. The black folder is to be used only as a weapon of last resort. Harrison is to put the folders back in her wall safe. He makes an unsettling discovery when he does this. The Cytron card is gone. All signs point to Charlie as the thief. That means the mole has access to the election rigging details regarding Defiance. The name Charlie gave Huck as the mole is Sally Langston's former right-hand man, Billy Chambers. Sure enough, the Cytron card is handed over to him. The unexpected delivery person is none other than David Rosen. Any questions?

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  • Huck: Leave now!
  • Quinn: Or what? (pause) We solve problems, remember?
  • Huck: You don’t understand, he took everything from me. He tried to kill Liv. He helped put me in a b- (cut off by Quinn)
  • Quinn: Huck look at me, focus on me. You had a job , right?
  • Huck: What?
  • Quinn: Did you get the name?
  • Huck: I got the name.
  • Quinn: Good. Jobs over. So right now you have to ask yourself if you’re a gladiator or if you’re looking for revenge. ‘Cause the way I hear it you can’t have both ways.
  • Charlie: She's right man.
  • Quinn: Shut up! (small pause) Huck… what's it gonna be?


  • Billy Chambers makes his dramatic return after being gone for over a year-and-a-half.


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