"Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself"
7x12 - Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating 07
Season Seven
Season 07, Episode 12
Episode Information
Air Date: March 1, 2018
Viewers: 4.95 million
Written by: Raamla Mohamed
Directed by: Tony Goldwyn
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: "Army of One"
Next Episode: "Air Force Two"

"Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself" is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of Scandal, and is the hundred-and-eighteenth overall.


In the midst of moving on from the White House, Olivia gets an unexpected visitor in criminal defense attorney Annalise Keating, who seeks her help in fast-tracking a judicial reform class action to the United States Supreme Court. However, after Olivia’s recent fall from political grace, it’s going to be more challenging than ever to get the support they need.


Olivia Pope is standing in front of her mirror getting dressed. Olivia is teaching a class on how to survive scandal when Annalise Keating shows up. Annalise comes to Olivia and asks for her help to get a case she is working on fast-tracked to the supreme court. Olivia says no but Annalise leaves her the case file to look over.

Abby Whelan and Huck are catching Quinn Perkins up on their cases but Quinn is distracted because she is googling Olivia. Abby says good riddance.

Olivia has drinks with Marcus Walker and they talk about Annalise. She tells him about the case and he asks if she's taking it on. She says that she doesn't think she can do it. Olivia asks why he returns her calls at all and he says that they are black and that he'll always be there for her and always root for her.

Olivia goes home and looks through the case file. Afterwards, she does some research on Annalise. Olivia goes to see Annalise and says that the problem with the case is Annalise. Because of her colorful past she can't be the face of this case. Annalise says that she thought Oliva was able to move mountains and Olivia tells her to have a safe trip back to Philadelphia. Olivia starts to leave but goes back to talk to Annalise. She tells her that this is her town which means they play by her rules. Annalise says she understands.

Oliva and Marcus go to see Fitz Grant. He asks how he can help her and she tells him about the case. She says that she can't do it alone. He's surprised because she never asks for help. Olivia says that yes she is asking Fitz for help because didn't he start this foundation to help people. Marcus arrives to the meeting where he meets Michaela. Fitz, Annalise, and Olivia arrive shortly after. Fitz tells them that President Grant said that she'd meet with them.

They go to the White House where they have a meeting with Mellie. Mellie says that she likes the case but that the roster for the judges is bad and that if they go to court now they'll lose. Olivia asks to speak with Mellie alone. Olivia tells her that this isn't the time for Mellie to be punishing her. Mellie says that she wants the case to move forward in a year when it can succeed. That Olivia only wants this because she needs a win. Olivia says they are going to the court anyway and Mellie warns her that they will become an adversary of the White House if they do. Olivia says that it wouldn't be the first time.

Jake Ballard goes to see Quinn. He says that he wants the case Olivia was working on to be stopped. Quinn says she has no interest in anything about Olivia. Jake says that that isn't what her newsfeed implies.

Olivia and Annalise return to the meeting room. Annalise asks what happened when they left Olivia alone with the President. Olivia lies and says that it was Annalise who they talked about. Olivia decides to go to the press herself and put pressure on the supreme court to take the case. Quinn and her gang try to stop her from winning. Marcus says that Judge Spivey can be swayed to their side. Olivia wants to set up an interview and Annalise volunteers to go on camera. Olivia thinks that its a bad idea and Michaela suggests that they do the interview together. They agree. Quinn is having trouble finding dirt on Spivey.

Jake meets with Mellie about the case. Mellie suggests that they leak Olivia's firing to the press. She tells him to give the information to Olivia's old coworkers. Jake agrees.

Olivia and Annalise go to the hairdresser. That's where they hear the news about Olivia's firing. Annalise asks her if it's true. Olivia says that it's complicated. Annalise says that they're the same and for her to keep it real. Olivia says that they aren't the same and that she doesn't have to explain herself.

Abby and David are in bed listening to the news. David says that this is the White House playing dirty but Abby says it was them who released the information. David says what's wrong with the case and Abby says that the case will be presented in a year on a safer timeline. David tells her that it's okay to miss Olivia and the two cuddle. Olivia goes to see Quinn. She tells her that she's on the wrong side of this. Quinn says Olivia doesn't care about the case that Olivia just wants a win. Olivia says that all Quinn wants is revenge and that she'll regret taking the case.

Fitz asks Olivia if she needs anything for the interview tomorrow. She says no and that they aren't going to win this thing. She tries to blame it on Annalise but Fitz says that this is all about Olivia Pope. He says that she's done this before and never folded so why now. Olivia tells him that she isn't the same person she was anymore. He asks her why she took this case and she says because she wants to change the world. Fitz says she's still her but that she just doesn't see it.

Charlie gives Quinn a file. It's dirt on Judge Spivey. Quinn is happy because they finally have something to take Olivia down. Abby doesn't think that's a good reason but Quinn says it is. Quinn gives the information to Jake. Quinn asks why the President is so dead set against the case. He says it's not about the case, it's about Olivia. Olivia and Annalise go to the interview. Olivia does confirm that she was fired. She turns the conversation to focus more on the case. Annalise says that now is the time to make a change to the judicial system. Olivia and Annalise are having popcorn and wine when Marcus calls and tells them that Spivey won't be on their side so they won't hear the case.

Marcus and Michaela have a drink together. Michaela almost kisses Marcus but is interrupted by a call from Asher. Olivia is packing up the case file when Quinn shows up at her door. She tells her about the dirt they had on Spivey. Quinn says she didn't do it for Olivia but because she wants her QPA to be based on justice.

Olivia goes to see Spivey and tells him that he doesn't have to worry about his secret anymore. That the witness he paid off is dead and that they can't use the secret against him. Spivey asks what she wants and she says that she just wants him to follow his gut. To do what he thinks is right. Spivey decides on his own to hear the case and they get the case sent to the supreme court. Annalise asks what is going to happen now. Olivia decides to join Annalise on the court trial.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The table read for this episode took place on December 4, 2017.
  • The crossover event was announced by Shonda Rhimes on twitter on January 3, 2018. [1]
  • This is the first part of the two-hour crossover event, the second part being a How to Get Away with Murder episode.
  • Even though the two shows crossover during the same time period, Scandal is currently in 2019, while How to Get Away with Murder is in 2016.
  • The scene where Olivia and Annalise are in a hair saloon is the very first scene that Kerry and Viola shot together. [2]


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