"A Traitor Among Us"
6x07 - Huck and Olivia 06
Season Six
Season 06, Episode 07
Episode Information
Air Date: March 23, 2017
Viewers: 5.40 million
Written by: Alison Schapker
Directed by: Tom Verica
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Previous Episode: "Extinction"
Next Episode: "A Stomach for Blood"

A Traitor Among Us is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Scandal, and is the ninety-seventh overall.


After discovering new information about the assassination of Frankie Vargas, Olivia makes a shocking decision and asks Huck to complete one of the most difficult tasks yet.


The episode opens with Huck and Meg sparring. They are interrupted by Charlie and Quinn Perkins. Apparently, Olivia Pope is missing. Huck checks his phone and realizes he has a message from Olivia. He leaves and drives out to the middle of nowhere where Olivia is waiting for him. She tells him that she has a favor to ask. She tells him that she needs him to kill her father.

They return to her apartment where Olivia is pacing and complaining about Eli. Huck asks who told her that Eli was the one responsible for killing Francisco Vargas. She tells him Jake did and that Jennifer Fields is still alive. Huck doesn't believe her. He tells her that something feels off. He says that she has to be sure that he did this then he will kill her father for her. She tells him that she's sure.

Huck goes and retrieves his red toolbox. He follows Eli into a subway station where Eli confronts him. Eli tells him that he has two minutes and twelve seconds until the people that are following him are back. Huck asks him if he did it. Eli says yes. He did it because Samantha Ruland forced him to do it. They had him and they gave him no choice. To save the life of the woman that he loved. He tells Huck that they are threatening Olivia. Huck tells him that he's lying. Eli tells him that the people who are following him will get off the returning train and when they don't see him they'll be looking for him. Eli disappears and Huck sees the two people Eli had described. Huck asks Eli who they are and Eli says he doesn't know. He tells Huck that there is a traitor among us and that Huck needs to find out who it is.

Huck returns to the OPA office but is distracted because he's trying to figure out which of the Gladiators is the one that betrayed them. He goes home after having bugged Quinn and Charlie. He overhears Quinn talking to someone on the phone so he follows her to a hotel.

He pulls a gun on her and forces her into the room where Jake and Jennifer are waiting. He tells them to start talking. Jake says that he called Quinn and asked her for help. Huck tells them that someone forced Eli to kill the president and that someone is a mole. He accuses Quinn of being the mole. Quinn says she isn't the mole and pulls a gun on Huck accusing him of being the mole. Jake says that they need to find Sandra Potter because Eli has been spending a lot of time with her. Quinn says she'll track her down.

Quinn asks Huck if he's going to apologize for thinking that she was the mole. He says no that he was just doing his job. She asks if he vetted Meg and he says that couldn't be the mole. Quinn tells him that he has a blind spot and that she hopes she's wrong about Meg. That hopefully she isn't like Becky.

Huck goes home and finds Meg in his apartment having forgotten that he gave her a key. They proceed to have sex. Afterwards, Meg asks Huck if she can meet Olivia. Huck gets suspicious but he says sure he'll ask her. Huck goes to visit Abby Whelan. He tells her that he needs her help to see an inmate. He tells her that in exchange he'll give her some information: that Jennifer is still alive.

[[David Rosen]|David] and Huck go to visit Becky Flynn. He asks her how she played him and how she got inside his head. She tells him that he has a blind spot for a sob story and that he is so gullible. She asks who's playing him now. He says no one but she knows better. She tells him that she's playing him. David asks if he got what he needed but Huck doesn't respond.

Huck is sitting in his car when he calls Olivia. He asks her if she knew about the girl Eli was seeing. Olivia says no and Huck says that he has a theory. He says that Eli is a different person now and that he deserves a chance. Olivia says no that there is no capacity for change. She gives him until morning to kill Eli. Huck is watching Meg eat when he recognizes the woman sitting next to her is Samantha Ruland.

Huck calls Meg and invites her to come over. He tells her that he doesn't wan't to do this but she's making him. He asks her who she is working for. Meg says that she doesn't know who that woman is. He says that she's lying and that he wishes she'd make this easier for him. She swears that she's never met that woman before. He goes to plung the needle into her and she tells him to do it that he's a monster. He doesn't do it and he tells her to leave.

Huck meets with Olivia, Quinn, and Charlie in a parking garage. They show him Sandra's body. Huck is adamant that Eli is telling the truth. Olivia still doesn't believe him. Huck tells her that he is right and she is wrong. Olivia tells him to get rid of Sandra's body and tells Quinn to finish the job by killing Eli. While burying the body, Huck discovers a chip that was put into Sandra's neck. The chip brings up the footage from Eli's workspace. He shows it to Olivia who finally realizes that Huck was right. She calls Quinn and calls off the murder.

Olivia and Huck go to see Meg. They tell her that Jennifer's alive. Olivia asks Meg to forgive Huck. He promises Meg that he'll never lay a hand on her again. Huck takes her to see Meg. Once he opens the door, Meg pulls out a gun and kills Jennifer. She also shoots Huck twice in the chest. Abby meets with Meg and Samantha. She asks if it's done. They say yes that Jennifer is dead. Meg tells her not to worry that no one will know that she was part of this.


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