2017 Vulture Festival - Scandal Cast 02

2017 Vulture Festival

Cast in attendance: George Newbern, Darby Stanchfield, Guillermo Díaz, Scott Foley, Joe Morton, Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn, Jeff Perry, Cornelius Smith Jr. and Joshua Malina.


On the evening of November 17, 2017 the cast of Scandal gathered at the Vulture Festival in the AT&T Studio, West Hollywood, California for a Scandal question and answer panel.


The Gladiators are hanging up their white hats, but before they do, join them at Vulture Festival where they’ll discuss Scandal’s final season and a look back on the series that changed everyone’s view on how things really get done in Washington. The Hollywood Roosevelt – AT&T Studio: 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, West Hollywood. Tickets $25 (includes access to The AT&T Vulture Lounge poolside at The Hollywood Roosevelt, and one (1) complimentary drink per ticket holder) - Vulture Festival


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Is Washington's character, Olivia Pope, (not to mention the rest of the characters) redeemable, or has her “soft, chewy center” hardened for good?

“We were talking about this yesterday on set and Josh [Malina] made the point of like, ‘Do these horrible people deserve a happy ending?’”  

 Tony Goldwyn (THR)

For his part, Malina (who joked that he’s “a big proponent of Red Wedding 2” as a possible ending to the series), sees major parallels to our current political situation in that Scandal fans still love Olivia and company

“I think what makes [the show] so apt as a reflection of the contemporary political scene, is that it takes a cavalcade of monstrous characters and makes you root for them and I think that’s not a bad description of the current political state. We have some of the most vile people running the government that we’ve ever had... and yet there’s a substantial percentage of the American populace that continues to root for them.”  

 Joshua Malina (THR)

For Young, who stars as President Mellie Grant, just seeing a woman in the White House, fictional or not, resonates.

“[The show is] acclimating the country to seeing females in power, I think the genesis was watching Quinn [played by Katie Lowes] become in charge of QPA… and being pregnant in the workplace. ... There are a lot of lady presidents [on TV] right now, and I think it matters. Shonda’s thing is always, if you can see it, you can be it.”  

 Bellamy Young (THR)

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